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The Argentina Steakhouse was established on March 2002 in Springfield, Missouri. This independent restaurant was founded by a family and original staff from Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the hopes of introducing the people of Springfield to a true steakhouse in the tradition of great cities. With the moniker of "Springfield's first fine steakhouse", the Argentina Steakhouse strives to offer its guests the very best in cuisine and service. Since its opening, the Argentina Steakhouse has quickly gained a reputation as having the most flavorful steaks and chops in the area. The wait staff, as well, is recognized as some of the most professional and experienced. The eclectic menu is prepared seasonally by the talented chefs of the restaurant. And the cuisine is accompanied by an outstanding wine selection which emphasizes the great wines of California and South America. The Argentina Steakhouse provides its guests and inspired dining experience that will make a lasting impression.

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What's Wrong With Bangladeshi Food? People of Bangladesh are well acquainted with Chinese, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Japanese and various other foreign cuisines but we are yet to coin the term "Bangladeshi cuisine" and use it on a regular basis. Why does it feel so peculiar to give our local food a recognizable and distinct label? Is it because we have become bored with the food that we grew up with?

Food Borne Disease Costs the Hospitality, Healthcare and Food Industry Billions of Dollars a Year Food borne disease due to inadequate sanitizing during food preparation costs the hospitality, healthcare and food manufacturing industry billions of dollars a year. The risk of food borne disease is ever present in the hospitality, healthcare and food manufacturing industry. In order to address this danger the adoption of best practice principles in cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting is required when storing, preparing and distributing fresh and processed food.

Order What The Gang Wants For Your Football Party If you are having a group of alums over to your house to watch the great rivalry game on your big screen, forget the high school chips and nuts and cheese doodles. This is a big game and you need adult food to feed the high-energy group.

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How to Decide on a Favorite Pizza Place Pizza is serious business. Before choosing a specific haunt to satisfy your cheese-covered cravings, consider the variety of crusts, the quality of pizza delivery, and the available array of toppings.

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What Makes A Corporate Event A Big Success? For any business event planner, the success of a corporate event is a must. There are so many variables with so many different people attending, there are many aspects involved in the planning of a successful event. To some attendees, it is the food that is offered; to others, it is the convenience of the location that matters the most. Most importantly though, whether individuals realise it or not, it is whether everything happens as planned that is the most important factor.

The "21" Club - Alfred Hitchcock Was a Regular Patron Throughout His Life Here When one thinks of nightlife prior to World War II, images are conjured of late night haunts serving fare into the wee small hours of the morning and music playing till dawn. Nowhere epitomized being out and about on the town like New York City in the 1930's and '40's. It was a legendary moment in time.

New Kids On The Block In London - News For Bon Vivants! London never has the paucity of innovative settings and dishes that's why some call it the food capital of the world. It's come a long way from having a dire reputation for English cuisine. It ain't the 1950's anymore! My picks for the month for the new restaurants in London.

Dining Like a Local - The Art of Eating Cheaply Especially good for retirees, good bargains in food and drink are hard to come by in Manhattan, but you can find them. Here are a few cheap but good choices near home.

Cadot: Magnificent Yet Unpretentious French Dining In North Dallas Cadot is without question now one of the half-dozen best French restaurants in North Texas, a place of consistent excellence run by a man who has spent three decades perfecting his art. It is also a place of no pretensions and silliness. You will find snow-white linens on your table, flowers, a spotless setting decorated in way that transports you to the Champs Elysee in the springtime, but no fussiness or posturing or affectation. And the prices are remarkably low, I suppose in part because the overhead is not as great as it would be in downtown Dallas.

Top 3 Food Destinations in Miami Beach to Pump Up Your Culinary Adventures Eating is probably one thing that man is very fond of. In fact, it is a hobby to others who enjoy exploring new tastes from various places. Restaurant hopping is an activity which usually associates to satisfy food cravings.