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Springfield Brewing Company
Welcome to Springfield Brewing Company, one of the few breweries in the world built, operated and owned by a brewery equipment fabrication company. Paul Mueller Company began laying the ground work for Springfield Brewing Company in the fall of 1996 for the purposes of brewery equipment research and development. Anxious to share with the public the wide assortment of fresh, high-quality beers brew in name of innovation, Paul Mueller Company established this restaurant and pub.

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How Corny Can You Get? Corn is loved the world over. We pop it, we boil it, we grind it, we butter it, we flake it, we chowder it, we sweeten with it, we gnaw on it, we roast it, we caramel it, we make tacos with it. No wonder it's the second largest crop in the world and as American as the apple. No doubt about it, we are a corny country.

Nutritious Vegan Diet The vegan diet consists of plants only. There are fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetables. All foods that come from plants qualify.

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Do You Want Fries With That? No Fries, Chips So how do you like your French fries? Thin, waffled, crinkled, curly or wide... smothered in ketchup or cheese, dipped in creamy dressing, salty or just plain. There is nothing else like them, except maybe the potato chip. From their humble beginnings, potatoes have turned us into a potato-crazed nation, with new versions and flavors popping up constantly. So where did it all begin, this love affair with fried potatoes? Read on.

I Won! Or Did I? I won a huge lobster in a raffle one day. Cooked by someone else and delivered red hot and red shelled, I took my prize home. I never considered that I was biting off more than I could chew. This is the story of my struggles with a five-pound behemoth of a lobster.

The Benefits of Eating Fresh Oysters The oyster, a much priced mollusk appears on menus all over the world. It's unique texture and flavor is unlike any other kind of seafood in the world. Different species are cultivated extensively throughout the world.

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