How Does A Webinar Work?

So You Want To Know How Does A Webinar Work

How Does A Webinar Work?Webinar really is like a face-to-face sales presentation. The best part about it is that it can be done over long distances. In fact, you could do a presentation to someone on the other side of the globe.

The best webinars our live webinars. This is because you get more audience participation. It also allows you to close more sales.

A webinar is simply a presentation that is done via the Internet using a PC and a microphone. You invite attendees to register and attend a live webinar via an email. You as the presenter attend the webinar and do your presentation using webinar software.

Usually you would do a webinar very similar to a live presentation to an audience in the boardroom. You have your presentation poster boards along with your outline of what you want to accomplish in the sales presentation and then of course your offer.

How to do a webinar presentation

Here are the different types of webinar presentations you might consider doing. First there’s the keynote presentation, most keynote presentations are simply where the presenter states the problem and provides a solution in hopes to provide a different perspective as to why their solution is better. They are generally more rah, rah types of presentations.

The second kind of webinar presentation is a training presentation. Here you just simply train someone on a piece of software or a way of doing a project to completion. In this type of presentation you’ll simply give instructions on how to do a particular task or project.

If they’re kind of webinar presentation is a full-blown training course. These types of webinars are generally long. You might do the presentation into four hour sessions.

The next type of presentation is where you might interview experts. Most webinars or interactive between the participants and the listeners allowing for questions to be raised by the listeners. These webinars are usually very interactive.

Sometimes webinars are individual webinars one-on-one. Originally done by coaches or mentors. Most of the time you can record your webinar so you could make a information product out of these training sessions.

The best webinar hosting services

Best Webinar Hosting Services

Most of the software platforms have a lot of bells and whistles. You might want to consider the different things that you definitely want to have in your software. Ask yourself questions like will I need a registration page. Will I need a sales page and there are a number of other considerations as well.

Best webinar platform

There are a variety of providers when he comes to webinars. You have Cisco’s WebEx which offers high-quality video transmission phone conferencing and much much more. Another source is like meeting from Microsoft office suite and of course it offers web client support and desktop sharing as well as whiteboard tools. Of course there is one of the most popular are platforms which is Go To Webinar.

All of these platforms have a variety of features and benefits and some have major shortcomings. So you’ll want to do your research carefully and consider all the things that you will need. For instance, will you need to share your computer screen or need a whiteboard to mark-up as you go in through your presentation. Of course, there are many other considerations.

While doing the research on this article we ran across a platform that has pretty much all the bells and whistles of the major providers, except it’s seriously less expensive and that is webinar jam. We are providing a link at the bottom of this article to webinar jam for you to be able to check it out yourself.

Best webinar companies

Blowing a provided a list of webinar platforms and services. Some of these services you can run from your PC and some of them are software as a service providers. However the one we liked most was the one we mentioned previously webinar jam at found that In full disclosure we do make a commission when you click the link below for Webinar Jam. However I think after you see their demo you will understand why we recommend the solution.

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