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Aunt Martha's Pancake House
1700 E Cherokee
Springfield, MO  


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User Reviews:

Where was the peanutbutter sauce?

Posted by Anonymous on Feb-13-2011
Wow has this place hit the skids - in quality of food and service. Haven't been in 5 or 6 years because the price to eat was outrageous back then so stopped going, but now it is horrendous and so it the food. Used to go for the peanutbutter pancakes but now they aren't even rolled around any peanutbutter sauce. It was a chewy pancake rolled up with a drizzle of sauce over the top. And the sadder part is the name of the place is Pancake House - I'd be embarassed. Ordered a Spanish Omelet with sausage inside, but it was brought with bacon inside. When the waitress was notified she didn't offer to exchange the item for what was ordered. My family won't be going back. We didn't spend this much money for steaks at Outback or LoneStar. Shocking - after 60 years of being open you'd think they'd be better not worse - perhaps it's time to think about closing the doors.

Never was very good

Posted by Scott L on Oct-13-2010
I still can't figure out why people go here. The place is a dive and not in the good sense. The place never seems to be clean. You never know which will be stickier; the table, the seat or the floor. The staff always seems to be demoralized. Almost every Springfield native has an 'Aunt Martha' story, usually involving cockroaches or food poisoning and them never coming back.


Posted by Anonymous on Aug-03-2009
I always go here when i am in town now that i live in Az i miss going there everytime i have gone there i have had great service and the food was to die for so i will be a loyal customer anytime that i am in town thanks for being there and making me feel that i am home everytime that i am in town

Worst Customer Service in Springfield MO

Posted by Alex on Jul-21-2008
We suggest to customers with slight accent to don't enter this place, otherwise you will be ignored and not be served.I told to lady,who was sitting on cashier's chair, that this is ridiciuolos,that my wife,my kid and I waited for 10 min. to be served,but we've been ignored by the "restaurant servers".Customers,who came after us (3 tables) been served immidiately. I also told her,that I will wright complaint letter to the city,and her response was "YOU DO THAT SIR". We left the "restaurant"very upset,and my son had a tearfull eyes, and he couldn't understand why we left such of "civilized restaurant" without having a food(he is only 5 years old). P.S. TO RESTAURANT MANAGMENT,PLEASE HANG AT LEAST A SIGN ON ENTRANCE DOOR,EXPLAINING WHAT'S YOUR CUSTOMER REQUIREMENT STANDARTS IN THAT CASE WE WILL KNOW,THAT WHO'S WELCOME TO YOUR "CIVILIZED RESTAURANT".

Good Trip/Bad Trip

Posted by J Dennis on Jan-17-2008
It seems like the people that really didn't like their experience had one bad experience and are not willing to give it another shot. I went a couple of times when I was in town to help with clean up the ice storm damage last year, and every time I was impressed by the food and the service. I plan on returning the next time I'm in the area and I have encouraged a lot of my friends to visit the restaurant as well.

Just what you came for!

Posted by Peabodys on Nov-13-2005
This restaurant is a Springfield tradition. I liken it to the cafes and diners found in the small towns of the Ozarks years ago - most are gone or now run-down. The waitresses are busy, not falsely chatty. The atmosphere is down-home, no-nonsense food service and the food is the same helping-sizes your grandmother would serve. The pancake menu is a pleasant surprise in its diversity and there are no stinkers! Not fancy, but extremely consistent and you get exactly what you came for. I hope they're around for a good long while.


Posted by Anonymous on Nov-25-2004
This place is very unsanitary, but the food was good. Cockroaches should not be in a restaurant.

Posted by Tammy Marten on Jul-13-2004
This place does homecooking. Their biscuits are wonderful, huge delights. They are one of very few places I have ever seen actually serve real down home cooking. Excellent!!

I won't go back to Aunt Martha's!

Posted by Karen on Feb-21-2004
Quite disappointed with the poor food & service - breakfast should be the easiest meal to serve well. I personally can't understand why they're still in business. Don't waste your time & money here!


Posted by Jason on Jan-04-2004
Notice the one bad review, was after one of many visits. Anyways, this place is great, the food is wonderful but don't be a fool, you go to a pancake house for pancakes, so get those. Also, the service does kind of stink, but it is worth it for the food.

aunt martha's

Posted by katy on Jul-07-2002
The real aunt martha is there! The restaurant brings you back to past decades and the pancakes are the best in town!

If McDonald's is closed...still don't go here.

Posted by Sarah on May-11-2002
My husband's family used to go to Aunt Martha's when his older brother was in college down here...His whole family used to go on and on about how great their food, service and prices were. Well, a lot has changed in the past ten years. We went there with his family a few years ago and will not be going back; I'd rather survive on Springfield tap water than to go back to Aunt Martha's again. The food was horrible and my father-in-law got sick from eating bad (ie: rotten) eggs. The service was even worse. Severe disappointment, to say the least.

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