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Haruno Japanese sushi bar & Grill
3044 S. fremont Ave
Springfield, MO  65804


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The food was Exceptional
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User Reviews:

Posted by Anonymous on Nov-22-2009
A great dinner again plus saw friends who were also dining. A great place to meet friends!!

Food Poisoning

Posted by John Flynn on Oct-25-2009
Ate there on 15th July 2009. Three peole very sick since! Would be interested to hear from anyone with a similiar experience. Mail me at johnwflynn@hotmail.com

Posted by Anonymous on Aug-13-2008
My friends and I love to dine at Huruno. The manager is a great guy, always checking up on my party and I. Only problem is the servers. While most are really great,we usually get stuck with the worst guy there. He forgets our drinks, does not check up on us, and waits till we are out of drinks to come back over. The food is great there are no complaints there. The wait can be a bit much, even if you call ahead you still end up having to wait for a table.


Posted by Anonymous on May-23-2008
Springfield has a lot of great Sushi - but you can't beat Haruno. The service is never amazing - but always polite and adequate. The food more than makes up for this minor shortcoming.

Best Sushi in the Midwest

Posted by Amanda on May-22-2008
Haruno has the freshest ingredients and best presentation of any sushi spots I've tried. Great environment!!

Posted by Anonymous on May-21-2008
My wife and I have enjoyed many eperiences at harunos for about 3 years. The sushi and entress are always extremely well prepared. We love the extensive wine menu and the martinis. The management and staff have always been very friendly and do an excellent job!

Great sushi, Great sake, great ambience

Posted by Anonymous on May-21-2008
Great place to get sushi. We didn't sit at the sushi bar, so couldn't comment on what the service was like from what some of the other reviewers were saying. However the service we recieved at the tables was great. Overall recommend.

Great Experience

Posted by Ron Frost on May-21-2008
New to Springfield and wanted good sushi and a good experience. I got the best sushi I have ever had and a great experience. I now eat at Haruno at lease once a week. I always have the "Sex and the City" roll and "OH My God!" rolls A new favorite restaurant!

Food Poisoning

Posted by Kay & Jim on May-04-2008
Both my husband and I became quite ill with food poisoning after our meal of sushi at Haruno's. As loyal patrons, we contacted the management (even in writing) and reported our food poisoning. Management never responded. I would say for fellow patrons to exercise much caution there. A lack of response shows no one really cares.

Great Sushi

Posted by Anonymous on Mar-07-2008
Great resturant great sushi. The best sushi I have eatin hand down.

Posted by Anonymous on Feb-16-2008
Best Sushi in town!! Must try for any sushi lover!!! Eye of the Tiger Rocks!!


Posted by Anonymous on Feb-09-2006
I went on a business lunch with approx 10 people, we had one hour & it took 1 & a half to get our food. Food was good but we were in too much of a hurry to enjoy.


Posted by Paula B. on Dec-21-2005
Haruno serves the best Japanese meal in Springfield! My personal favorite is the bento box because it has everything: miso soup, sushi, tempura, teriyaki. There are special touches not seen at other Springfield Japanese restaurants, such as pickled vegetables. The presentation is lovely, and the service is always quick and friendly. I can recommend Haruno for lunch or dinner and alone or with a group. We're lucky to have Haruno in Springfield!

My favorite place

Posted by Gina on Feb-01-2004
I eat at Haruno about four times every month because the sushi is simply wonderful. They have delicious dishes at reasonable prices and the decor is stunning. If you love sushi, you must go here. By far the best sushi in town!!

Bento Boxes!

Posted by Mark T on Nov-24-2003
Great Sushi, freshest in Springfield. Try a Bento box, a Japanese smorgasbord. Great place.

Posted by Anonymous on Jul-03-2003
Absolutely the best place for sushi in Springfield! A million times better than Fuji.


Posted by Kurt on Sep-13-2002
Hands down the best Sushi Bar in Springfield and possibly Missouri.


Posted by Anonymous on Aug-02-2002
me and my wife just went to eat at harunos on last friday, and that was really great sushi i have ever had in my whole life. we ate at the sushi bar and we had best service by two sushi chefs! (these guys rocks!!)we love this restaurant!!

Posted by Anonymous on Jun-29-2002
haruno is the best sushi restaurant ever! The food is so nice! I've had a great time, and I will defintely come back.

best sushi in town

Posted by Bill Short on May-09-2002
This is without question the best sushi bar in which I have ever had the pleasure of dining! The sushibar is fabulous and the service is exellent. The sushi is the freshest and tastiest I have enjoyed. Good Jazz Music, relaxed atmosphere.

best sushi

Posted by Anonymous on May-09-2002
This restaurant is the best sushi in town. So fresh!!!

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