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Crosstown Barbeque
1331 E. Division
Springfield, MO  


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The food was Very Good
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User Reviews:

Great BBQ

Posted by Anonymous on Apr-04-2012
Came from FL and wanted some really down home BBQ. This place was great. I is a little hole in the wall but the service was great and the owner was the one fixing our meals. Would return if ever in the area.


Posted by Terry on Nov-10-2010
I have eaten bbq from this place three times in the last twenty years. The first time was really all I needed, I thought the brisket was average, you could have squeezed a cup of grease out of the cold french fries and I thought it was overpriced. About five years ago I tried it again and again the food was average at best, service was poor and price was high. Today my son picked up carry out, one slab of ribs was more like jerky, the other was fair, lots of gristle in the sliced brisket, the potatoes in the potato salad were underdone and it took 20 minutes to get the food that was already prepared and just had to be boxed. All I can say is never again, better bbq can be found all over town like Whole Hog or Bandanas.

One of the best

Posted by Joe A on Jul-04-2007
Been eating at Crosstown for over 30 years. Was there when Jesse ran it and now that Steve has taken over the food is just as good. Really miss the old jukebox but hopefully he will put it back in. Its hard to beat the ribs or hot link from Crosstown. Everytime I am in Springfield I buy at least $100 of BBQ, pack it on ice and take it home to Arizona.


Posted by Anonymous on May-31-2006
Crosstown is the only real bbq in town...smoked by real hickory logs in the restaurant, so you smell the amazing pork spareribs cooking...Try it today

good bbq

Posted by mandy m on May-31-2006
great, loved the food, steve was cool, go there if you like bbq or not, good experience...

A Springfield Tradition

Posted by Kenya on May-30-2006
The food is great! The people were friendly! And the price was cheap! The best lunch in Springfield.

some of the best barbeque in the u.s.

Posted by marc simon on Aug-02-2005
crosstown is a mustgo for barbeque fans or not

got ripped off

Posted by Anonymous on Jul-20-2005
i have been going to crosstown for the last 2 months or so. while looking at one of my bank statements i noticed i was charged 7.92 for a lunchplate, which should be 6.92.(i payed with visa) i went there to show them and they refunded me my dollar. when i got back home, i looked back further on my statement, and noticed that on another purchase,they had overcharged me again 2 dollars. i dont know what theyre trying to pull but im not going back.

The " Boy's weekly lunch "

Posted by JJ on Jul-02-2005
Of 4 lunches: Lunch 1.--- had a 3 inch x 1 inch piece of rubbery gristle in the sandwhich which you could stretch out like a rubber band about 2 inches and it would return to it's original shape --- we did this several times to see if it would ever break. Along with this disgusting parcel were three other samplings of gristle in the sandwhich. Lunch 2. had about 1/4 of the sandwhich in gristle which had to be cut out. Lunch 3. had about 1/8 of the sandwhich in gristle and I cut it out. The worst part was when we brought this to the attention of Steve ( the owner ) his demeaner was as if to say " Why are you bringing this up and wasting my time ? ". His attitude seemed to be --- if you don't loke the food don't come here . Well the four of us will never darken that door again!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny thing is --- several people forewarned us that the food had really gone downhill in the last 4 - 6 months but one person said they liked the food there , soooooooooo we gave it a try --- we should have listened to the majority .

Posted by Mike - Greenwich, CT on Apr-30-2005
Some of the finest, most memorable barbeque I've ever had, not to mention the baked beans. Never have I been moved to compliment baked beans. WOW! Great job, Steve!

Posted by on Nov-06-2004
Any time we've eaten at Crosstown, it was wonderful. The food, the service, the atmosphere, all wonderful. Sherry

Great Place

Posted by Jason on Jan-04-2004
Great b-b-que, the service was little lacking, the person who served us was busy talking to his friends, (which seemed pretty typical) but despite that the service was pretty good.

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