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Arde's Villa
2620 S. Glenstone
Springfield, MO  


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User Reviews:

Incredibly dissapointing!

Posted by A dissapointed Springfield diner on May-06-2005
My experience at Arde's Villa was terrible. The only thing worse than the service was the food--and trust me, that was bad. We were greeted with the fact that the restaraunt was out of all but a few items on their menu. I ordered the lobster-stuffed shrimp appetizer for a starter; this dish tasted good, with a crispy coating on the shrimp and a light sauce drizzled on the plate. However, the shrimp weren't stuffed with anything at all--not even a hint of lobster could be seen on the plate! (The waiter later informed me that they were out of lobster, which were why the shrimp weren't stuffed. Unfortunantly, I was still charged the original price of about $12 for the dish.) I ordered the beef loin for my main entree, and was terribly dissapointed. The filet was so overcooked it was dry and actually charred on the outside. The mashed potatoes it was stacked upon were good, but certainly nothing special. The bread was okay, but the salads came without any dressing at all (and the greens were still very wet, as if freshly washed but not dried). When our party asked for a dessert list, our waiter said, "Oh, you don't want dessert!" We answered with a resounding "oh yes we do!" He informed us that they only had a few pieces of a single type of dessert (cheesecake) left, but that we could share them if we insisted. (We did.) The cheesecake was fine, although it tasted no different than the frozen kind you can buy at Sam's Club. We also ordered coffee to go with our desserts, but the waiter forgot to bring the cups until we were already finished with the cheescake slices. (We were still charged for this, by the way!) I've heard other dining horror stories for this restaraunt that equaled my personal experience. Arde's is almost always out of a majority of its menu items, hires pitiful wait staff, and apparently has a chef running the show who cares way too much about how his/her food appears, and not nearly enough about how that food tastes. Maybe that type of restaraunt can be successful in a big cosmopolitain city, but I doubt it can last in Springfield! I'm suprised it's lasted this long. I will not be back, and I would highly reccomend that anyone who appreciates a good meal and a pleasant dining experience steer well clear of this establishment.

Watch out!!

Posted by Bob Bobbilton on Jan-15-2004
The food was ok, I had the filet and I have tasted better even here in town. The main reason I'm writing this review is that I went with my girlfriend and her aunt and uncle and the waiter there stole her uncle's credit card number. They found out because about two weeks later when they got their bill there was some charges on there from a suit shop in Springfield and her uncle has never bought a suit in Springfield. The shop is located a couple of buildings down from Arde's. I would not recommend going to this place if that is the type of servers that they are going to hire. Very shady!

Posted by on Nov-14-2003

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