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Gem of India
211 W. Battlefield
Springfield, MO  


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The food was Very Good
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Posted by Anonymous on Nov-29-2012
BEST FOOD IN TOWN! real indian flavors and the service was amazing. i love everyone that works here....it's great. must try.

Great day

Posted by Joyce on Sep-28-2012
We went to Gem of India for the first time yesterday, for my husband's birthday. We were not familiar with Indian food and were very pleasantly surprised. The food was hot, fresh and tasted very good. The server was happy to make my mother-in-law her "special" drink of half tea and half lemonade. Later, the lady owner offered to prepare her a special lamb dish that wasn't offered on the buffet. We found the decor light, bright, clean and Indian. We were not overcharged and enjoyed our experience immensely.


Posted by Tawnya on Jan-12-2012
Gem of India is a well put together business with very good authentic food. For most Springfield people who are NOT familiar with the religion and culture have no idea and should not be giving out opinions about the way the staff acts. They are VERY nice and very caring! If you go in before 2pm, they offer a delicious buffet and so anyone that goes in before 2pm should let them know if they will be getting the buffet or if they want to order items off the menu. Please do not criticize unless you educate yourself on the culture and religion, it's ignorant.


Posted by Anonymous on Dec-30-2011
The food is enough to get back but only in a to go setting! The service was horrible! It was 40mins before we even had our order taken! Then they tried to bring us out the wrong meal another 25mins later! We were treated nicely by staff, however, part wat in to our wait I too wondered if they do not like children? We never even got to order a drink and we served water thank goodness but my sons cup was only filled 1/4 of the way...i shared mine

Really Really Poor service. Good food.

Posted by Tjh on Nov-06-2011
This is the 1st time I visited this restaurant & I will not be going back. It started out good. We ordered our food & they brought out my husbands meal. They sat a bowl of rice in front of my son & a small bowl of potatoes in front of me. The rest was on a large tray for my husband. Thinking the rice & potatoes came with our shrimp order we waited & waited for the shrimp to come. 30 or 40 min later my husband was done with his meal we asked about our shrimp order. The waitress seemed confused & went to check on it. Another lady came out & said they had gotten our order mixed up with another table. She then asked if we still wanted our order & acted aggravated when we said yes. So we waited & waited another 30 min. Still no food. Finally they said it was almost ready, we asked that they box it up to go. Again they acted aggravated that we wanted it boxed to go. Finally we go to pay, they said they were going to charge us for the meals we had ordered & were going to do us a favor by taking off ONE of the chicken meals that we accidentally gotten from another table. WHAT!?!?! 1st of all my son & I never got any chicken or a full meal. 2nd they tried to charge us for their mistake! 3rd they had the gall to add the tip on to our bill automatically! Then we get home with our boxed up food & it still isn't even what we ordered! No apology was offered for the mix up, bad service, rude people. DO NOT GO HERE!!

One of my favs

Posted by S. Clark on Oct-21-2011
Amazing food and great ambiance! The workers are as the other person said not false nice or all over u kissing ur butt. To me that gets annoying. I feel as if they are there to help you experience their amazing food. I was willing to try things and they were willing to engage with us in finding great choices. I have been back and I recommend to anyone that is looking for great food and an experience not just dinner. Don't go in with an attitude to them and you won't get one back. They I'm sure are nervous of us judgmental people that I see are on here. Treat them like human beings not slaves and enjoy a great place with great food!

Not Returning

Posted by Okie on May-01-2011
Rude service and super slow. Custormers served out of order with some waiting long time. Everything was wrong including table service, wrong orders, a glass of wine that no one ordered, last delivery of drinks.

Careful with the bill

Posted by on Jan-15-2011
Indian people are arogant towards non Hindus, but this place takes the cake! beside the sour face of the owners, the cashier added 17 dollars to my bill! Diner beware!


Posted by jack on Nov-01-2010
wish there was another indian restaurant in sgf. this place is sad. i love indian food but not at this place.

My new favorite restaurant

Posted by Heather on Oct-03-2010
I've eaten here several times now and the food is always great. The Chicken Tikka Masala and nan is always AMAZING! A word of warning...if you're going out to dinner so people can wait on you hand and foot and make you feel important, skip this restaurant. They are a different culture and they don't have that blatantly false customer service shine. Only go here if you're ready to eat some great Indian food.

I'll never go back

Posted by A. Edwards on Aug-22-2010
In spite of the high prices and rude service, our love of Indian food always kept us coming back. Our most recent visit will be our last, however. The food was horrible, the "hot" tea was cold, and the jokers that run this place were ruder than ever. I've never been to a place that treated their customers as badly as this one. I cursed the day King of India closed and left us with only Gem of India.

Love It!!!

Posted by Anonymous on Jun-14-2010
The food was fantastic! My husband and I got the Gem of India Dinner for Two for $30. If you have never had Indian food this is the way to go. It was so much food it could have fed four and gave a great selection of different dishes. The butter chicken, tandoori chicken, and nan was so yummy. I thought the service was a little surly at first also, but once I started to ask questions about dishes they were so friendly and open. They told us about how the foods are traditionally cooked, and about the Diwali "Festival of Lights".

Posted by Cherri Cahow on Oct-25-2009
I have been to Gem of India several times and always find the food excellent. As far as service goes I've always been pleased. But, I also take into consideration that I am dealing with a different culture. I think someone's review described the staff as surly. I would agree to a certain extent that they are not falling all over themselves to be friendly. Doesn't matter to me, because I might tolerate worse treatment to get a dish of butter chicken and some naan. MMMMMMMMM

Great Food, Service Needs Work

Posted by Anonymous on Aug-04-2009
The food here is excellent... if you LIKE Indian food. I eat here all the time and the food is consistently great (I always get the same thing). But the hosts are very cool and distant. They are not outgoing or friendly at all. If you do the buffet the price is reasonable but if not, prepare to dish out some cash.

food good, decor - a little to be desired! ;)

Posted by Walker on Mar-03-2009
very good food - and very consistent quality, which is sometimes difficult for a one of a kind stop! I love that this is available in Springfield - for all of its food, there is little to choose from when it comes to anything outside of country food - and "country-version" ethnic food like "springfield style cashew chicken (yick!)... wonderful place and the waitress that I have offers great service. The decor needs some serious help - but that can definitely be helped along easily with a little attention.

Horrible Service!!!

Posted by Anonymous on Feb-16-2009
I've eaten at Gem of India 3x: twice for the buffet and once with my husband and 2yo daughter. The first 2x times I loved it, the food was excellent! The third time, however, was one of the worst dining experiences I've ever had. It was a weeknight and they were not busy (maybe 5 tables) and the whole process took OVER 2 and a half hours. They completely ignored us the whole time and whenever we would approach them for something they were rude! It took over 30 minutes to even take our order (don't know why we stayed). We had to actually get up and ask someone for our drinks and then later for the bill - twice. I've never experienced such blatantly bad service. Since the other tables seemed to be getting serviced it makes me wonder...maybe they don't like children? Maybe they think since they're the only indian food in town in doesn't matter how they treat their customers? Whatever the case, we will never, ever go back again and I would recommend to anyone thinking about trying Gem of India to stick to the buffet or order to-go; you don't need much service for that.

Posted by Butch+Karen wOOLDRIDGE on Jan-05-2009
overall i'd give it a 4 star rateing. some folks may not like indian food, but my wife and i love it. very nice place to dine. WE WILL, BE BACK. :)

Money Stealing

Posted by Jerlins on Sep-02-2008
I happened to dine in this restaurant and had a very bad experiance that they stole my money simply by adding an extra 15 dollars to my bill. I had a coupon from Entertainment book which had 'Buy One Get One Free offer'. Before they billed me I told them that I had such a coupon, which may have prompted him to add about 15 dollars to my bill. I did not noticed this when I was at the restaurant and when I called him, he wasn't ready to refund the extra charge. Even if any of you go there, make sure that you double check your bill.


Posted by sallyandjohnny on Jan-14-2008
not great, but don't know if we will be back. just kind of there.

Challenge your tastes!

Posted by Shayne on Oct-01-2007
I love this place, I've been here several times and tend to go around four times a month, I am a student and cannot afford pricey so this fits my budget correctly. Some of these reviews will be biased because of the "closed tastes" springfieldians experiance, this is why a chain restaraunt is ranked top on this website. GREAT FOOD

Great dining experience!

Posted by AlwaysHungry on Aug-01-2007
Chicken Tikka was done to perfection, rice was wonderfully fragrant, and the service was friendly.

Worst restaurant I've ever eaten at

Posted by Anonymous on Jun-02-2007
The food was amongst the worst I've ever gotten at a restaurant. To top it off, the service was inattentive and slow. All in all, a terrible experience.

Thank God it's in Springfield

Posted by Christy Conaway on Mar-31-2007
I'm so happy to have found an Indian restaurant here in Springfield. The food is good, and I've never had a problem with the service. If you're a meat-and-mashed- potatoes-only person, don't eat here. If you like lots of flavor and spice, it's great. My favorite dish is the Chicken Saak. I love this spinach dish. The all- veggie version is good too.

Very Good Indian

Posted by LOVE Indian Food on Feb-13-2006
Hey folks, we live in Springfield, not NYC. This is VERY good Indian and the prices are very affordable. My wife and I are frequent guests and have never been disappointed. Best bet: Chicken Tikke Masala with Naan bread - yum.

Bring Back King of India!

Posted by eggfooljung on Jan-19-2006
I soooo miss King of India; the food was great, the servive friendly, the price right; I have been to "Gem" 3 times now, & each time has been best with problems; the 1st visit:the food was cold, an order of bread was not delivered & the service was surly, to say the least; the 2nd visit, 2 months later; servive still surly & distracted; we had to re-order twice, since both times miscommunication(or lack of communication between the dinig room & kithcen didn't seem to exist); the 3rd, 6 months later,Late Nov.2005; service:Indifferent, bored, distracted (& yet by different Wait staff each time-!?!?);Food: O.K., not great; main Vindaloo dish was luke warm by the time we received it;Price:Too Much for Too little,in both Quality of Food offered & Service. Analysis: NEVER AGAIN!!!-Where, O where did King of India Go??? & Why do we have to put up with this???I have worked in both front & back of the House in numerous Restaurants, here & abroad, & I am still wondering why this place is still in Business--Consider yourselves WARNED!

A bad experience

Posted by Anonymous on Oct-15-2005
Granted, I went to this restaurant not knowing much about Indian food. That being said, I'll never go to another Indian restuarant again. The food was very, very bad. I left the restaurant wishing I'd never seen it before.

I thought it was over rated

Posted by Anonymous on Sep-16-2005
I have heard a lot of good things about Gem of India. So I thought I would try it out. I was expecting to be blown away and was instead let down. The food was ok, but I have cooked better at home. The service was really very good. I thought the meal was priced a bit high for what you get. The Ambiance was nice, but not restaurant is showing it's years. It is worth trying once, but I will probably not visit again.

Outstanding Indian Buffet!

Posted by Delighted Springfield Diner on May-06-2005
Each time that I visit Gem of India's lunch buffet, I am very pleased. The price is a bit high for a lunch buffet ($6.99), but it is a fantastic treat. The variety of foods on the buffet was a bit limited, but the chicken tikki and curried chickpeas were outstanding! The lamb curries could use a bit of work, though--I find the meat to be a bit tough and bony. I was surprised to find that the puddings on the buffet, including a mango pudding and creamy, not-too-sweet rice pudding made with coconut milk were different and delicious. The fried balls in the runny hot honey sauce are also fantastic, although they are very rich! To top it all off, the lunch buffet includes hot, tasty, unsweetened chai! It is a great pleasure to sip this spicy, soothing drink through the meal. I haven't been to Gem of India for dinner yet, but I plan to take a group of friends for our next special outing. Overall, this is an outstanding restaraunt, one of the best in Springfield. I've been about four times, and each time I've been more eager to return. I reccomend you stop in for the lunch buffet as soon as possible--just like me, you'll be instantly hooked. This is a great restaraunt, Springfield. Please help me support it and keep it in business! Trust me, you won't be dissapointed.

Posted by Chris on Feb-12-2005
Any time I want to take someone out and have a different restaurant experience, this is where we go. Excellent lunch buffet. Or try the dinner for two!!


Posted by Sam on Oct-26-2004
If you are looking for good Indian food and service, this is your place! Go in the afternoon and eat the buffet. Splendid!

Posted by Anonymous on Aug-11-2004
The service is not good. The waiters and waitresses are not trained I beleive. Because they are just bad at certain situations and over all I could only taste a rich creamy texture in all their food, which gave raised the doubt whether Indian food consists of just cream? Well, now that they are the only Indian restaurant, they should improve their service and the nutritional value of their food to make it more palatable.

Posted by Caleb on Aug-08-2004
Gem of India is an outstanding restaurant. They are always nice to my family and I and always nice to others as well. The Gem takes you away into their world which is very fancy and unique. The food is great and are big portions so you will always get enough. Dont be surprised if a chef walks over and gives you an appetiser on the house. The Gem is one of my favorite restaurants and I will always go there.

Posted by Kevin on May-03-2004
Started off great, now we consistently experience the two female waitresses rude, don't know the words "Thank you". I won't go back.

Our favorite in town!!

Posted by The Platypus on Feb-03-2004
Having eaten at the Gem 20+ times is saying it all! I am a true conniseur of Indian cuisine, and the Gem meets all my expectations. The service is always friendly and thorough. Often we are greeted by name, and our daughter is given a complimentary Mango Lassi. If you love Indian food, the gem can't be beat!!!

great experience!

Posted by Anonymous on Dec-23-2003
great food, couldn't find a better indian restaurant in missouri or kansas.grills and breads are outstanding. also tried the lunch buffet simply terrific!

Best Indian Restaurant

Posted by Anonymous on Nov-21-2003
Gem of Indian outduels all restaurants in Springfield.

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