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2909 S. Campbell Ave.
Springfield, MO  


 Total Reviews: 5
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The food was Very Good
The service was Very Good
The cost was Modest
The ambiance was Very Good
The experience was Very Good
Overall this restaurant rated Good

User Reviews:

Great Place

Posted by YoursTruly711 on Jul-12-2008
Food is great always love the steak and shrimp combo. Been here plenty of times. Service is alright. The Chefs are always funny. Sushi isn't that great go to Mijuri's, Haruno's and 1 or 2 of Kai's sushi is alright. And to ERIK...If your going to go on and on complaining about a restaurant...Maybe you should post it on the right one!! This is FUJI, NOT HARUNO!

Horrible Service

Posted by Erik on Sep-03-2006
For starters, I hate complaining and try to look for the best in everything I experience. After reading all of the hype about Haruno being voted ?Best of 417?, I decided to take my girlfriend to find out for ourselves. The company of my girlfriend was the only positive aspect of the evening. Our adventure began when we walked in the door and had to wait for a seat (not a big deal if there is a waiting area away from the main dinning room). I believe we made the hostess a little uncomfortable when we continually turned down the seats facing the crowded room of people enjoying their meals. Putting myself in the shoes of the people eating, I wouldn?t want someone sitting a few feet away from me, with their only view being of me and my plate. Not to mention, the waiting seats were stools and only added to the resemblance of a vulture circling his prey. The wait was not long and we were seated at a cozy candle lit table for two. Our waiter asked for our drinks and we kept it simple with beer. By the time our drinks arrived, we were ready to order and had our menus closed. Without uttering a word, the waiter placed the two bottles of beer on the table and returned to the back room. We did not see him again until another couple was seated at a nearby table. After taking our neighbor's drink order, our waiter was quickly heading back to his refuge until I raised my voice to get his attention. Finally, our order was placed and our drinks were nearly finished. The salad and main course were both brought to our table by a different waiter (one that was also mute when he dropped off our order). Our meal wasn?t quite what we had expected, but not to the fault of the restaurant. Haruno is evidently not a place to go if you?re looking for an individual meal. It?s more of a bring your friends and share, while enjoying drinks and good conversation. We finished our meal and a waited for our mysterious waiter to reappear from the back room. We waited, and waited, and waited some more, until he brought out our neighbor?s food. I thought I had left the invisible cloak at home, but our waiter ignored the fact that my girlfriend and I were finished eating, our drinks were empty, and we were obviously ready to leave. As he was walking away, I had to flag him down and ask for the check. After returning with the check and without breaking stride, our waiter disappeared into the back room. I waited several minutes for our waiter to return, but he was nowhere to be found. My girlfriend (who was beyond upset about the entire experience) took the check and my credit card up to the cashier?s desk. While still at the cashier?s desk, our waiter magically appeared and said nothing to my girlfreind about having to get up to pay the bill. Needless to say, the waiter really did earn his $1 tip. I contemplated not giving a tip, but he did bring one round of drinks and take our orders... My girlfriend and I will definitely never go back to Haruno and have already started calling our friends to let them know about our horrible experience at the famed ?Best of 417? restaurant.


Posted by Anonymous on May-25-2004
Inexpensive steakhouse, but it didn't seem very clean. We had a new chef and he was not very personable. I would spend a couple extra bucks and go to Nakatos instead.

Only the best...

Posted by Anonymous on Mar-06-2004
This is the best Steakhouse in town. It far exceeds all of the others. The sushi has improved, but still not the best though. If you want Steakhouse come here.

Great steakhouse/Sushi bar!

Posted by Joe on Aug-01-2002
Fuji makes a great combination of Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi restaurant. It is the best price you will find on sushi (in town), and the friendly hibachi chefs make the steakhouse a great family dining experience.

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