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Anton's Coffee Shop
Glenstone at Grand
Springfield, MO  


 Total Reviews: 5
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The food was Good
The service was Good
The cost was Moderate
The ambiance was Good
The experience was Good
Overall this restaurant rated Good

User Reviews:

Great little Place

Posted by Anonymous on Feb-04-2011
I eat at Antons at least once a week and have for years. I like the diner feel and the best coffee in town. They have really great omelets, pancakes and french toast too.


Posted by Anonymous on Nov-25-2004
Service was good, but those were the worst biscuits I have ever had!

Great Atmosphere and Food

Posted by Anonymous on Jan-29-2004
The Breakfast at Anton's is wonderful. I go any time I get a chance! Overall, Anton's has good service, Great food, and a good atmosphere.

Wonderful breakfast

Posted by Eric Zackrison on Jan-08-2004
I go to Anton's for breakfast every chance I get. The food is weel prepared and they capture the diner feel.. I love this place.

High Priced for Food Quality

Posted by Anonymous on Nov-09-2003
Honestly if I'm going to pay $7 for a burger, it had better be at least decent. This was a paper thin burger served with minescule amounts of tomato and lettuce. There were absolutely no spices used in preperation. I'd rather eat at McDonald!

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