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Bambino's Italian Cafe
1141 E Delmar
Springfield, MO  


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The food was Very Good
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The cost was Modest
The ambiance was Very Good
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User Reviews:

i love Bambinos

Posted by kt_momma on Dec-31-2008
If you want Italian in Springfield this is the only place to go. Bambino's is tucked out of the way, intimate, and has a great staff. And the food is fantastic. I love Bambinos!!!


Posted by Anonymous on May-29-2008
We had a great experience at Bambino's. We were in and out in 50 minutes during lunch hour. Our food (Pasta Bambino) was outstanding as was the salad. Not the place for someone looking for fast food. Perfect place for great italian food at modest cost. Look forward to next time.

My favorite hideaway!

Posted by Anonymous on Dec-29-2004
Great place with wonderful food and a laid back atmosphere. The staff makes me feel at home and take good care of their customers, but very busy at lunch. Be prepared to wait if between noon and one.

OK food but poor service

Posted by Anonymous on Sep-27-2004
Bambino's never has enough servers. I have called in orders there several times and have had to wait and wait for service.


Posted by Mike on Sep-25-2004
I loooooove Bambino's! You get a lot of wonderful food for a really low price. You must try the pasta ala Bambino!

That's Amore'...

Posted by The Watchman on Mar-09-2004
Bambinos is exactly what you make of it. It's like life. If you want home-made food you will wait a few minutes more, for the love to cook. After all, there are plenty of places to hustle in and ring the bell, have the bell hop take your bags and your condescension while juggling your order with the conversation you are having on your cell. I found the people at Bambinos to be real. They are artists, cooks, moms, brothers, sisters, daughters, etc. Bambinos is a real people place for real folk with real expectations and a desire for a real meal. The chicken crepes are the absolute best and the bread is always baked fresh at the owner's bakery. I met the owner too. She is as savvy a business woman and warm human being as you could ask for in this melting pot of a town. If you want obedience, buy a poodle. If you want love and mutual concern... eat at Bambinos (and Nonnas Downtown). I like the people and I love the food. That's Amore'.

Don't go here

Posted by Gina on Jul-01-2003
I am an authentic Italian, and I must say that Bambino's is a terrible place. I have been there three times hoping to have a good experience, but I have yet to experience that. Their food tastes like it is microwaved and covered with Ragu, they need to work on their service as well. The service was terrible and it took forever to get you food all three times. try Avazares if you are looking for exceptional Italian cuisine.

Posted by Anonymous on Nov-03-2002
I think Bambino's is a pretty special little spot with excellent service. The food is terrific. I cannot believe that some of the other restaurants on this site have a higher rating(especially those that aren't any better than a cheap microwave dinner). If you want REAL food created with REAL flair this is the place for you.

Posted by Anonymous on Aug-11-2002
Food can be good -- That is if you ever get waited on and don't mind wait staff with an attitude. If your food comes to the table within the hour you are doing well. I would suggest carry out. They take of those customers before table service.

What College life is all about.

Posted by Food Dude on Jul-30-2002
Great College Atmosphere, food was a lot better than I expected... you should try thier "Toasted Ravioli," it's amazing! They have live musicians occasionaly too, which is cool. Overall it is a great deal and is definatly a place I will visit again!

Best Pasta In Town

Posted by Mykgeek on May-12-2002
This place has some of the best pasta dishes you'll ever taste. Try "Pasta al Papa" The best!!!!!!!!!

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