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Bamboo Inn Restaurant
948 S Glenstone Ave.
Springfield, MO  


 Total Reviews: 4
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The food was Good
The service was Good
The cost was Moderate
The ambiance was Good
The experience was Good
Overall this restaurant rated Good

User Reviews:

Stuff's attitude

Posted by June on Jul-19-2008
food is nice, testy. but workeres are not nice. ill-manner, unkind. except one asian girl. only she is nice.


Posted by Rc on Dec-28-2007
When we went their it was horrible. The place needed to be cleaned badly. Their was only one man working and it took forever to get our food. The chicken tasted like it had a entire box of salt added to it. The bathroom was thr grossed thing I have ever seen and the kitchen wasn't much better.

Posted by dsd on Apr-23-2003
Everytime I get to come back to Spfd., this is where I go for great cashew chicken. I wish one place in K.C. could come close.

Bamboo Inn is great, inexpensive chinese food

Posted by Chris Cox on Oct-16-2002
I've been going to Bamboo Inn for years, and I always feel like they are sort of family now. The food is great. I especially like their Sweet and Sour Pork, Egg Foo Yung, and General Chicken. They have plenty of specials to choose from, and most of those specials are under $3.50 and include plenty of food.

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