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Belgian Waffle and Pancake House
4760 S Campbell Ave.
Springfield, MO  


 Total Reviews: 3
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The food was Very Good
The service was Very Good
The cost was Modest
The ambiance was Very Good
The experience was Very Good
Overall this restaurant rated Good

User Reviews:

Wonderful food and Excellent workers!

Posted by Vonessa Thompson on Dec-02-2002
The food was AWESOME! I'll definitely be back soon! I'm from Texas, and what I would do to have food like this everyday!You all need to open a restaurant here in Brazoria, Texas!Also, the workers are wonderful. They stay busy and always keep you well taken care of.

Creidt Card Fraud

Posted by Andrea Roach on Sep-07-2002
This is another of those places that adds tips to your card even after you have zero'd out the tip on the slip because you left cash at the table. I won't be returning and I will be disputing the entire charge with my bank. I leave cash tips at the table whenever I dine out and I am sick and tired of getting my bank statements and finding that additional tips have been added to my card by these establishments.

Posted by Bud on Jun-11-2002
The food tastes wonderful, the presentation may be lacking but they make it up with flavor.

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