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Bijan's Sea & Grill
209 E Walnut
Springfield, MO  


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The food was Very Good
The service was Very Good
The cost was Modest
The ambiance was Very Good
The experience was Very Good
Overall this restaurant rated Good

User Reviews:

Food Poisoning

Posted by Becca on Feb-09-2008
My husband and I went there with another couple. They all like seafood, I dont. There werent a lot of choices for non-seafood lovers. I had chicken and it was cold when it got to me. It wasnt good at all. That night I woke up very sick to my stomach! I threw up all night and all morning. I will never go there again!

One of our Favorites

Posted by Big Rog and Lulu on Nov-22-2006
We have nothing but wonderful things to say about this place. We love everything about it. The service, ambiance and especially the food, is incredible. We savor every grain of risotto and the chocolate lava cake..Mmm Mmm.

Not what it's cracked up to be

Posted by Anonymous on Oct-15-2005
The food at Bijan's was fine, but given the prices, it ought to be a lot better than that. The drink prices are also outrageous. If you want ambiance, then this place is for you. But if you're like me, you expect a $50 dinner for two to be a great meal, and this one wasn't.

Are they creative?

Posted by Mike on Jan-22-2005
I've been to this restaurant several times but it is becoming a little old. They've had the same menu for several years. Some new choices would be well received. As others have said, it's too crowded. They are getting some new competition for high-end dining and if they don't rethink their strategy I would guess we won't be having problems getting reservations...

Lover of great food and company

Posted by Anonymous on Nov-17-2004
The new look @ Bijan's is overwhelming. There is no intimacy due to lack of space between tables. My steak was undercooked, but a new one was promptly brought to me and was properly cooked. The ambiance was ruined when the ceiling began to leak on my date's head, and management failed to apologize for it. Finally, changes in the menu need to be more frequent. I'm tired of eating the same entrees.


Posted by Anonymous on Sep-15-2004
Everything was good except the seating. It was very close together and you were on top of the person sitting next to you. They need to space out the tables a little more, b/c you have no privacy.

Posted by Anonymous on Aug-07-2004

It's the best downtown!

Posted by Liz Osborne on May-26-2004
Since Bijan's opened, it has been one of my favorite restaurants in Springfield or anywhere. Wonderful food, great drinks (the martini's are the best!), great atmosphere, and the service has always been excellent. Any time I get the chance to go downtown, Bijan's is my first choice.

Pricey downtown

Posted by Anonymous on Mar-13-2004
I never mind paying for a good meal with good service, but Bijan's has neither. The tables are all crammed into a small dining area with an open kitchen that isn't even clean. The "cuisine", although edible, certainly doesn't warrant the price structure. Service is slow, and on both of my visits, been rather unfriendly. I'll take my business elsewhere.

The place to be seen?

Posted by Anonymous on Mar-07-2004
Lots of hype and lots of talk brought me to Bijan's. I expected excellence in all areas of the restaurant, much to my dissappointment. With unattentive service, barely heated food and a cramped environment, I do not see myself returning for a second visit.

Posted by Anonymous on Dec-01-2003
The price maybe high but is really worth it. Great place to eat fine selection of food and the martini?s are one of springfields Best.

Posted by Anonymous on Oct-15-2003

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