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Buckingham Smokehouse BBQ
2415 N Glensote
Springfield, MO  


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Posted by Anonymous on May-23-2011
Great food. Get the two or three meat plate. My boyfriend and I always split it and its plenty for us both. Making it inexpensive and its great BBQ!

Bad ribs, bad experience

Posted by Lisa S. on Mar-12-2011
I'm staying at the Hampton Inn just a few blocks down from Buckinghams BBQ and since we just finished driving 12 hrs., my husband and I wanted something to eat that would be fast and tasty. After reading thru the reviews, we decided to try the Buckinghams drive-thru. Bad choice... We ordered two 1/2 slab rib dinners w/2 sides. Unfortunately, all we received were hard overcooked fatty room-temperature ribs, cold sweet potato fries and missing part of our order - even though we asked the person who took and gave us our order if EVERYTHING WAS IN THE BAG, which he replied, yes. We called Buckinghams as soon as we opened the bag and noticed that we were missing a 2nd set of sweet potato fries and a dinner roll that came with one of the orders. They told us to drive back the Buckinghams, along with our unopened food and receipt and they would complete the order. WHAT?? After driving 12 hrs., why should we waste our gas to obtain part of the order that was their fault? We asked them if they deliver - they said they were short-handed and could not deliver. We complained to the manager, who gave us nothing but an insincere apology. After eating ribs in many different cities over the years, my husband and I agreed that these were the WORST ribs we've ever eaten (if you like burnt, fatty ribs, you'll be in heaven). The cole slaw & potato salad were good. Suggest adding foil over the ribs to keep them warm. Don't bother going - we were definitely disappointed and won't be back.

The Last 4 times!

Posted by Anonymous on Jan-29-2011
Over the last several months, I have tried getting a loaded baked potatoe and both South Campbell & N. Glenstone have let me down! 3 times the potatoe was not done. It was hard and tasted old. 1 time they had no potatoes at all. The toppings appear to be mixed together as they are put on instead of an equal amount of each topping placed as seperate as possible like they used to do when they first opened. For Ribs I recommend Rib Crib they are by far better. Buckingham's wake up and stop serving old, hard, sloppy potatoes Please.

Found Better in Nixa

Posted by Rick D on Mar-17-2010
I've had Buckingham's before and I was not impressed. My girlfriend didn't like her pulled pork at all. We've since discovered Chain Gang BBQ in Nixa. If you like BBQ, you'll love this place. Far better, just as good as what you'll find in KC.

Posted by wayne on Jan-28-2010
i ordered a burned end salad, what i recevied was very dissapointing. The veg's were all starks , no leafs.of the fifteen 3/4 by 3/4cubes of beef , five was all fat. i was really dissapointed in what i recevied.


Posted by on Jun-28-2009
If this is the best Springfield has to offer, then I feel sorry for all bbq lovers here. This food was poor and the service was poor also. I will never frequent this place again. I will wait until I make to KC to Gates or LC's. That's real BBQ!

Posted by Anonymous on Jul-19-2008
I have eat at Buckinghams twice in the past 2 years. The fist time I was not impressed, but my husband decided he wanted bbq and they are the closest on to my house. I worked in a bbq place for 3 years and what they are serving at buckinghams is not real bbq. I have no idea why they have been voted best bbq. And the service was very unfriendly and disorganized. And they forgot to give me my bread. I will never I mean NEVER eat at Buckingham's agian.

No that great

Posted by Rob Heyduck on Jul-16-2008
My wife said we better get some bbq while still in MO, and i agreed. I was grateful for the fried okra, but the brisket was dry and tasted somehow off. I got fed, and it wasn't awful, but it wasn't great either, by any BBQ standards, Memphis, Texas (were i grew up) or anywhere. Also a little too shiny, clean and flashy. Beware of BBQ joints with matching furniture, and TVs.

I've tasted better vomit.

Posted by Brad Breeding on Jun-06-2008
I think that smoker out front is a prop. The food was lame though the flies in the dining area seemed to enjoy it. The smalltown hicks that rave about this amateur operation need to get out more often.

Great BBQ in Sprinfield

Posted by Anonymous on Feb-18-2008
THis is good BBQ...no matter where you are from. The slaw alone deserves a standing ovation! Who would have thought putting Horse Radish in slaw would be so tasty? My whole family liked it. Sorry for the idoit who's Grandkids ruined it for him. Sounds like the acorn didn't fall too far from the tree in that case.

Good food for fast and cheap.

Posted by Karyn on Jan-18-2008
True, this may not be up to Memphis BBQ standards, but I look more at the big picture - 1) It's in Springfield, and so am I :) 2) You get your food while you're ordering and pay upfront, so there's no waiting on wait-staff to take your order, bring the food, bring the bill, etc., and if they accidentally give you something wrong, you can see it right there. 3) It's a lot of meat for not a lot of money. My husband and I can get a 3-meat combo and 2 sides, split it, end up stuffed, and still have enough leftover for another meal each, for about $12. Four meals for $12 isn't too bad, especially with it mostly being meat. At that point it's cheaper than grocery shopping and cooking it yourself. It's one of our favorite quick-and-cheap places in town.

bad job

Posted by dave anderson on Dec-09-2007
when i complained that the brisket was ice cold the owner came out and upset and told me that it was ice cold because it had set for 10 minutes while my wife and grandsons order was being taken. when i informed him it could not get that way from just sitting he got upset and said that his restraunte was vote best bbq and that i could just leave his establishment i ask for a refund he said to call the better business bureau. so i will file a complaint with them

Well worth a try!

Posted by Anonymous on Aug-04-2006
Whether you are a fan of St.louis or Kansas City style ribs, when in Springfield one must sample Buckinghams ribs. Clean, Tasty, & Friendly.

Posted by Anonymous on Apr-10-2006
Rib crib? What moron said they were better than Buckingham's BBQ. Their BBQ is the best I've had in Springfield, and it definitely beats any of the chains.

This is cr@p

Posted by Your Mom on May-29-2005
The food was horrible and everyone should drive to Rib Crib to eat.

KC BBQ is best!

Posted by Anonymous on Jan-05-2005
I will never understand why the Springfield community raves about this place. If you have ever tasted real BBQ you would know that this food is average at best. I would encourage locals to try real Kansas City or Memphis BBQ sometime and then compare. The BBQ at Buckingham's is rather bland and somewhat dry. This opinion is shared by several people I have spoken with that have sampled real BBQ from other areas. For people who actually have a passion for this tyoe of food try Crosstown BBQ. It is not best, but better than anything else in this area.

Best BBQ in Springfield

Posted by Justin on Jul-27-2004
Buckingham makes the best BBQ in Springfield. It is easy to get to across from Bass Pro and is a strong supporter of SMS. I highly recommend this BBQ to anyone in Springfield


Posted by Georgette L. on Mar-28-2003
I absulotely adore this food! ITS THE BEST! Who makes better BBQ? NO ONE! i love them, so much!

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