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Carlos O'Kelly's Mexican Cafe
4100 S Campbell Ave
Springfield, MO  


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The food was Good
The service was Good
The cost was Moderate
The ambiance was Good
The experience was Good
Overall this restaurant rated Good

User Reviews:

Posted by Anonymous on Mar-10-2012
Excellent service by Brittany. She made the experience very enjoyable.

Great Service, Ridiculous Name

Posted by Rachel on Sep-04-2011
First of all, I would like to comment on how hilarious the name of this place is. Carlos O'Kelly's? Awesome. My boyfriend and I randomly saw this restaurant as we were driving by and decided to stop. I thought our server, Laura, was wonderful. She refilled our chips about 4 times, gave us each our own salsa, kept our drinks full, etc. I ordered a margarita on the rocks, but received a frozen marg. I'm certain that if I would have asked her to exchange it, she would have though. As for the food, I thought it was pretty good. The best ever? No. A good experience? Absolutely. I wouldn't even really call it Mexican food ( I usually go to authentic small family owned places), but more of the American version of Mexican food. Overall though, I really did think it was worth going to, and had a pleasant evening.

Best in Springfield

Posted by a big guy on Jul-02-2009
I think most of the reviewers that rated this place have burned out their tastebuds with Mexican Villa's food. I prefer C.O.s food and service above all other Mexican restaurants in Springfield. It's fresh, the service is great, the drinks are wonderful, has a nice bar, and LaDonna especially does a great job (and she's very pretty!) : )

Posted by Anonymous on Jun-19-2009
The restaurant smelled of stale cigarette smoke, the food wasn't fresh, & the waiter was clueless as to what was on the menu.

Posted by Anonymous on May-29-2008
I don't know why people like this place. The food was bland, the server spilled drinks and was very slow, and I spent money on food i didn't even like. I will never go back there again.

Not so great

Posted by denisebrown2008@gmail.com on May-20-2008
I don't undertand what people like about this place. It's okay, but not for the price. I thought the food was bland and flavorless and didn't taste very fresh, like they everything is from a can with maybe a little spice (but not enough) added. Service okay but not great, I guess you only get the really great service if you are a regular. Hello, the way you get regulars is to treat everyone like they are a regular...then they want to come back! I may or may not go back, I think I'll keep on looking for a good Mexican place in this town.

Terrible Food

Posted by Mark on Jan-25-2008
I ate there with my wife. Now, usually when you get bad food, if the restaraunt is descent, your wife says she liked what she ordered. Neither of us like it. TERRIBLE. Just another nice looking restaraunt with bad food.

Carlos O'Kelly Sucks

Posted by Danielle Rhynard on Jul-12-2007
The food made me sick, I did not even finish my meal. I walked out. The food was awful.

Posted by David on Jan-06-2006
I usually get the enchilada dinner, which is very good. Especially the shredded beef enchiladas with the cheese sause.Their salsa isnt very spicy but is very tasty, just the way I like it.

hot mexican fun

Posted by jonathan on Aug-20-2005
the best mexican restaraunt in town. extremely friendly staff and the managers are quirky but great. Angie the bartender will entertain you for hours with her life stories capped of by sunburns and all day baseball games

Posted by Daniel on Jul-09-2005
The whole experience was excellent. Lots of food for a modest price. The waitress was wonderful.

Posted by Kris on Feb-05-2005
The last two times my family visited here, we were disappointed. Service was slow, and the waited could not answer questions about the menu. Salsa had too much onion, and caused heartburn for everyone the last time there. We thought it was a fluke the first time, so went again and were unhappy the second time. We have decided not to visit again. Food was poor quality, i.e. dry quesadillas, food not hot, etc.

Definitely a favorite!

Posted by Liz on Jan-29-2005
This restaurant is exceptional. We frequently try new dining establishments but we always come back to Carlos O'Kellys. Great food and atmosphere, and the best staff in Springfield!

Posted by Annie. on Dec-02-2004
The food is really good. And they give u a lot for a moderate price too. Pleasing ambience too. Nice place to take your date in you like Mexican food.

Posted by Anonymous on Jun-02-2004
generic mexican food service unattentive couldn't understand simple order more expensive than most

Posted by on Sep-08-2003

Posted by Anonymous on Jul-13-2002
Best Mexican food & service I've found anywhere.

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