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Cheddar's Inc.
1950 E Primrose
Springfield, MO  


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The food was Very Good
The service was Very Good
The cost was Modest
The ambiance was Very Good
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User Reviews:

Why do prople eat here?

Posted by Anonymous on May-23-2008
My college roomate drags me here about once per year. This place is such tripe. There's not much on their menu that the average microwaver couldn't zap for themselves without waiting for three hours to eat it. Even the fries are tasteless. I will never understand the lines outside of this restaurant. The prices would be fine if the food wasn't dreck. But it is, so they're not.

Posted by Anonymous on Mar-30-2008
A++++ place to eat a good meal with reasonable prices & a nice atmosphere! Wished they offered coupons so we could eat there more than 2 times per month!

Posted by Anonymous on Jan-26-2008
If you go to Cheddar's, make sure its between meals, or you will be looking at a 1 hour to 2 hour wait. Definately worth the wait, but not if your hungry. I eat here once or twice a month and have only been dissapointed whenever I recieved my meal before my spinach dip. And by the way, there spinach dip is the best appetizer in the Midwest.


Posted by Elexsis on Aug-05-2007
I really like the chicken fingers! And they have the best ribs for the cost!!

Dennis C.

Posted by Dennis C. on Apr-14-2007
My family eats out all the time, and I guarantee that this is some of the best food for the right price, anywhere in springfield. Large portions,attitude and efficiency are superb! Just get there early or be prepared to wait. This is a very popular place! NICE JOB CHEDDARS!

Posted by Anonymous on Dec-08-2006
Best place in town to get a meal for two under $20. Awesome food.

Mmmm Mmmm...

Posted by Big Rog and Lulu on Nov-22-2006
Holy Cow! Great food, huge portions and at a very reasonable price. No wonder it is always jam packed.

Decent Food, Unhealthy Preparation

Posted by Anonymous on Mar-21-2006
No one in the kitchen uses gloves. Hardly anyone uses hairnets. You are not the first to eat off of your plate (all of the employees like to do that for you). Your food may have fallen on a dirty tray, or even the floor. Also, watch out for the dressings. Sometimes gum gets dropped in there!

Best food in town

Posted by Anonymous on Aug-12-2005
Is our favorite place. Attended college up in Springfield but recently moved; we live 80 miles away and still make the drive to go at least once a month

Family Favorite

Posted by KellyW on Mar-07-2005
Excellent Food, Awesome Potato Soup, Generous Portions, Just wish there was one in St. Louis

Forget Applebee's

Posted by Sam on Oct-26-2004
This is the place for good family food. The price is slightly better than Applebee's with better food and service. I've never had a bad meal there.

i loved it

Posted by jeremy on Sep-28-2004
I just moved down to springfield and have been there twice in the last week and loved it. The haiwain chicken was exceptional and so was the service

Posted by Anonymous on Jan-16-2004
Amazing service and food.

Great Eats

Posted by Jim on Feb-10-2003
Had the beef tenderloins wrapped in bacon with shrimp. Yummy! Worth twice the price. Go there.

Posted by Kim on Feb-10-2003
This place is great for a couple or a family. Wonderful prices and yummy food!

Posted by Anonymous on May-05-2002
My favorite place to eat in town!

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