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2259 S Campbell
Springfield, MO  


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The food was Very Good
The service was Very Good
The cost was Modest
The ambiance was Very Good
The experience was Very Good
Overall this restaurant rated Very Good

User Reviews:

Posted by genie on Mar-17-2005
I have been eating here for several years. The food is always fresh. The atmosphere is "charming". One of the reasons I love eating here if because you are welcomed like family.

Posted by Kyle Domann on Jan-15-2005
I have been eating here for years and have never had a bad meal. Soups and sandwich's can't be beat.

One of my all-time favorites!

Posted by Anonymous on Dec-09-2004
Always have to eat here when I come to visit my parents. Great subs and pasta. The bread used for the subs, along with what is served for dinner, is the best! I always make sure to eat here at least twice when I come home.

Against my wishes

Posted by George on Jun-05-2004
My wife urged that we have dinner here, against my wishes. I have to say the food (Chicken Marsala) was fantastic. The reason I did not want to try the restaurant today was our 17 month old is teething and understandably not to pleasent to be with. Our server went above the call of duty providing a cup of ice, lemon shaved ice, and even a liquid filled teething ring for him. With her help my wife managed to completely change his demeanor from one of I don't want to be anywhere, to this food is good. The piano was playing in the next room, adding to the mood, you could, from time to time, hear the cooks and servers discussing what had been served and what had not. Everything combined reminded me of eating in New York, or Providence, or Wareham MA, or even Philadelphia. I found it a refreshing time with wonderful food and an atmosphere that reminded me of years past eating in Restaurants in the North East. Very Well done Sam.


Posted by Anonymous on Apr-10-2004
Small italian soup and sandwich shop with expanded italian menu. Food decent, but nothing special. Biggest (bad) impression was being seated in the very back room with plenty of better tables available because dressed casually. Bad experience, lots of better places to eat where you are treated as a guest.


Posted by Jennifer on Apr-21-2003
A quaint little restaurant with excellent food and friendly staff. The cheese steak sub is EXCELLENT! DiGiacinto's is no comparison to chain restaurants. I can't wait to visit again and again!

OK, but nothing special

Posted by Paula on Jan-09-2003
Went for my birthday, service was better than average but everything else just was 'okay'. Quite frankly, Olive Garden has them beat in the food/ambiance/ and even cost catagories.


Posted by Bryan on Dec-25-2002
If you want authentic made from scratch Italian food this is the place to go. Never does the food have that franchise taste that you will find at The Olive Garden, Zio's and particularly Fazoli's. Try the Cheese Steak Sub with the hot pepper relish on the side. You can't go wrong with anything on the Menu. I've been a customer for ten years and in this niche DiGiacinto's rivals the best from Chicago or St. Louis.


Posted by Tiffany on Dec-11-2002
I think DiGiaCintos is very good and I highly recommend it!

Posted by Anonymous on Aug-12-2002
good food - great service!!

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