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4301 S National Ave
Springfield, MO  


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Posted by harry ooiff on Dec-09-2011
O dear lord it was soooo gooodim am still craving it now our chef was good looking and a good cooker

"Awesome," according to my 6 yr. old,

Posted by Betsy Whitmarsh on May-14-2011
We've visited Springfield several times (my husband bowls in the Greater Ozark Bowling Tournament), and the last two years we've brought our little boy, who is now 6, with us. Last year we tried Nakato's, and to be fair it was Saturday at 7:30 when we arrived. This year, we decided to try Hinode's since it was near our hotel (Marriott Residence Inn) and we called Nakato's and they couldn't get us in until 9pm. To summarize: - my little boy loved it. Pronounced it perfect, mostly because he adored the noodles and the service was so much faster (no wait at 5:45). - according to my husband - very kid friendly (there were kids at almost every table) & great portion size - everyone walked out with leftovers. He also loved the noodles and said he would definitely have the filet mignon again! Me - okay, the noodles really were awesome - so was the fried rice, steak, shrimp, lobster...! The service was fast, very friendly, and ATTENTIVE. we had one server, plus our chef, and the courses were served one after another (which is important when you have kids), but in a timely fashion. The wine selections were limited, but good. The chef wasn't overly showy, but I think he did a good job judging our table (we had a 6 year old and another couple had a 3 year old) and toned it down a bit. So, maybe not the showiest place in town, but excellent food - especially the noodles and steak, very kid friendly and SOOOOOOO much better than Nakato's! Glad we tried it and we'll definitely be back!

Never going back

Posted by Stephanie on Aug-17-2010
I ordered the sashimi appetizer and it was the lowest quality and smallest portions of sashimi I have ever had at any sushi restaurant. The cuts of sashimi were maybe one fourth the size of the cuts at other restaurants. And for more money. Perhaps the biggest rip off I have ever experienced in restaurant dining. My mom ordered just grilled vegetables from the hibachi grill. She was served about half of the vegetables the others at the table got even though she was just having vegetables and no meat dish. I am never going back there and I will warn everyone I know in Springfield not to go.

Ignored Reservation

Posted by Greg Evans on May-15-2010
Showed up at 7:15 p.m. for a 7:30 reservation on Friday, May 14 to celebrate daughters graduation. Their were 8 in our group. The seating host totally ignored our reservation seating several parties of 8, 10, 12 and combinations of these group sizes before us. We finally were seated at 8:30 p.m.!!!! I looked at the hosts seating list and noticed several parties after our reservation were seated before us. Even after confronting the host twice we were still ignored. We have frequented the restaurant several times, but are questioning any return after this. This is unacceptableto me and spoiled what should a joyous celebration for our family. Food is pricey and this latest experience has left a bitter taste.


Posted by Anonymous on Jan-01-2010
I love this steak house. I eat at Hinode abt once a weeek and its amazing...the staff is very friendly. It is by far the best japanese place in springfield..ive been to them all and this one is the best experience

Great food and service

Posted by CCSWebWeaver on Feb-21-2008
I've been to Hinode a few time; the food is always great, the service is consistently good, and the wait times are not bad. Highly recommended.

Posted by on Sep-21-2007
Sushi was excellent, very fresh and favorful. I like this place alot better than Nakato because you don't have to wait nearly as long but you do not sacrifice quality or atmosphere. Will definately be returning. Give it a try!


Posted by Anonymous on Jun-09-2005
I live out of town & have to be in Springfield every Friday & I eat here every Friday, I love it! I have ate at many different Japanese places & Hinodes is my favorite. Great staff & food.

Shouldn't Have To Wait

Posted by Jim on Jan-19-2005
Took party of ten, one sushi cook on duty - each order was prepared individually and it took over an hour plus for all to be served in our party - should have brought out portions of individual orders for everyone, so entire table could be eating together - had to watch others eat - when final order was served, rest of the table had finished desert - this is no way to run a resturant - won't go back PS: why do they have televisions on in every room, is this a resturant or a bar???

Posted by Anonymous on Sep-19-2003
Hinode is my favorite restaurant in Springfield. Sushi has become my passion since I ate there. The hawaiian role is the best!

Excellent Sushi

Posted by Anonymous on Nov-20-2002
My wife and I have eaten at many sushi resturants in the large surrounding cities and Hinode is the best, hands down.

Japanese Chef = Real Sushi

Posted by B. Montford on Nov-01-2002
Chef James is skilled and generous. He tries to make each guest feel important. He also takes his craft very seriously. I've watched him do some things with his knife that would make a skilled neurosurgeon jealous. The ingredients are choice and almost impossibly perfect. The fish is neither too firm, nor too cold, nor too soft. All ingredients seem to meet this blissful status. Overall a pleasant experience guided by a skillful and friendly chef. Well worth the visit.


Posted by katy on Jul-07-2002
this is my FAVORITE japanese steak house in springfield, and i have been to them all!

mmm.. sushi....

Posted by Anonymous on May-03-2002
Great flavor, texture, and wonderfully served!

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