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Rodizio Brazilian Grill
3371 E Montclair St
Springfield, MO  65804


 Total Reviews: 10
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The food was Good
The service was Good
The cost was Moderate
The ambiance was Good
The experience was Good
Overall this restaurant rated Good

User Reviews:

It is not a real Brazilian restaurant!

Posted by Anonymous on Feb-11-2012
I'm from Brazil and this restaurant doesn't represent our food. It was not a good experience!


Posted by Anonymous on Apr-12-2011
I have had the opportunity to be in the kitchen of this restaurant. It was disgusting! There was grease on everything. Not an average-daily-working kind of grease but a build-up-of-never-been-cleaned layer of grease. What's worse was that on top of the grease was a layer of dust and fuzz. The kitchen floor had debris all over it and in the corners and behind the equipment was unswept filth that had been there for weeks if not longer. Most of the equipment looked as though it needed to be thrown away. A food proccessor on the prep line had scummy build-up between the buttons, scummy build-up around the rotary bar and again a greasy film all over it. In my opinion, as a restaurant professional, if the kitchen staff, chef and owner have such little regard for the care of their kitchen I can only imagine how little they care for the food they serve. The quality of the food they buy or respect with which it is prepared. Careing and cleaning for the kitchen is the first step to preparing quality food. I did not eat at Rodizio. After what I saw I would not and never will.

Awesome food

Posted by Anonymous on Mar-11-2009
My boyfriend and I went to Rodizio's because a friend of mine went and recomended it. We loved it! The food was outstanding and there was a good variety to choose from. It was a bit pricey, but you can go to their website and print off a coupon. I recomend this restaurant for special occastions or whenever you want to have fantastic food!


Posted by Rebecca on Dec-09-2008
I was very excited about my first trip to a "brazilian" restaurant and ended up being extremely disappointed. The ONLY part of the dinner I found to be enjoyable was my cocktail. While the pork tenderloin and fried chicken strips weren't bad, the beef (without exception) was cold, chewy, gristly. I firmly belive the "sauces" offered were a covert attempt to distract diners from the absolute lack of flavor. The BEEF stew contained nary a trace of beef and the "bread" was a direct and unsuccessful attempt to rip-off of the cheddar bisucits from Red Lobster. To add insult to a bad dinner, I became physically ill shortly after leaving AND my hands broke out in a rash that could ONLY be attributed to the hand soap in the ladies room. Speaking of the ladies room--the toilets had obviously not been cleaned in weeks. That is not an exaggeration. They were filthy. The bowls were caked with grime. Who knows what kind of bacteria and fungi and viruses were being allowed to breed and spread in that environement. We are in the middle of cold and flu season. At this time especially, shouldnt restaurant management be concerned not only for the health of their patrons, but also the health of employees? Furthermore, one would think during the holiday season with business increasing and large groups coming in for parties a restaurant would want to put on it's holiday best. If it was believed the condition of the ladies room was acceptable for public viewing, I shudder to think what would be deemed acceptable for the kitchen--where there is little danger of the public walking in. I will not be going back and would strongly urge anyone considering paying the place a visit to just hit the McDonalds up the road. It won't cost nearly as much and i'm sure it would prove to be a much more satisfying meal.

Posted by lindsey on Aug-20-2008
this is the best place i ahve ever ate at.


Posted by james on May-09-2008
over priced for what it offered. The start you with a small bowl of nasty soup. Then a meager salad bar. Then the third course is bite size pieces of different meats. The get offended if you ask for bigger portions.

Posted by Anonymous on May-03-2008
I love this place! There is nothing in Springfield like this experience. You will definitely need to bring your appetite in order to get your money's worth in food. There is something here for everyone. The atmosphere is neat and you never have to flag down your waiter.

When I die...

Posted by Joe on Mar-09-2008
...I hope I was good enough to go to Rodizio's. This was the best dining experience for a meat lover, or anyone who wants to try something different.

Posted by Ryan on Feb-07-2008
I went there for the first time and I thought it was alright if you wanted a bunch of different stuff to eat. Sevice was alright but pretty much every five seconds you were getting bombarded with these guys with meat sticks asking if you wanted some. Overall pretty good though.

It's More Money Than It's Worth

Posted by Anonymous on Jan-19-2008
Rodizio was good food, but not for the money they were asking for.

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